• Ripley J. Cloud

    Ripley J. Cloud

    Writer of sci-fi, thrillers, and a little bit of everything else. Love reading all.

  • Yuki


    I keep a journal:) and I love to pen down my thoughts …

  • Elessar Lore

    Elessar Lore

    A writer. Will update bio later when I’m not too lazy to write.

  • Katec


  • Martin Urban DDS

    Martin Urban DDS

    Martin Urban, DDS, is a dentist working in the state of Massachusetts where he has developed a career over the past 20 years. Read more at MartinUrbanDDS.org

  • Cindy King

    Cindy King

    I am a writer of all kinds of things. Help me on my quest to 1000, and you will be rewarded with my gratitude. You can also buymeacoffee.com/cindykwritX

  • Coachpaulribeiro


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