Heart Reading … Day 100

Karen Willard Ribeiro
2 min readOct 25, 2021

Can we love 100% of the truth?

We Are Beings of Love

Isn’t this the most beautiful message?! This is one of the best random messages I have seen on the side of the road in a long time. THANK YOU being of love who put this inspiring sign up!

Day 100. What is 100% certain… The knee jerk phrase “death and taxes” comes to mind.

It is also 100% certain that Earth will continue to revolve around the sun — and that the sunshine will continue to radiate every day, supporting life through photosynthesis and a stable temperature on this beautiful planet.

Oh, right. Maybe that last part isn’t 100% certain.

I know that clouds of doubt and the gray days of sadness do pass. I know that the clear blue skies are always up above the fog of any particular present moment. And I know that I have the skills to trust all will be well, and to believe in the potential of my fellow human beings.

I am just a little — okay a lot — impatient at the moment.

While there are so many great things to take our minds off of grief, there are woefully inadequate ways to come together and grieve so that the experience can inform collective action and the next right steps we can take. More informal connections like this (the formal ones can sometimes be too formal to make sufficient impact) can inspire purpose as we directly address the sources of systemic and chronic suffering as we feel them.

I make it a regular practice to reach out to and with people in my community who I know are taking action for change in the ways that matter to me. This is supportive and feels like self care. But sometimes I lose steam.

Time to refuel.

One conversation I had today was about living off the land. How long could one live off pine-infused water and bark? Twenty seven days is my guess.

The fear of scarcity is not just fear for a lot of people, it is reality. And yet fear of scarcity subconsciously drives people not facing this reality to over consume, to lose sight of — or never investigate the effects of — their consumption. Mindfulness practices help and I need so much more practice. Don’t we all?

Love is an active verb. It can be applied to hard realities with great success. Can it be applied everywhere?



Karen Willard Ribeiro

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