Heart Reading … Day 108

Karen Willard Ribeiro
3 min readNov 2, 2021

108 Names of God

So this is my last heart reading that I am going to post — at least until the spirit moves me again. As I mentioned on Day 1, I was woken up and “told” to start listening to my heart and write what emerges. It was open ended and I figured I’d keep going for a whole year — it seemed to be helping me feel better about life and I didn’t want that to end.

Well a week ago or so I “heard” to stop at Day 108. This is significant to me as I learned years ago about God having 108 names. I researched and read a bit about these Hindu Gods back then but didn’t give it much pause (because it is very complex), even though the notion of God having so many names felt expansive with great potential for many faiths coexisting in harmony. The Hindu names below are a bit of a mashup of each of the eight Lords (#34–41 below) — each of whom have 108 devotional names — and some wives, goddesses, and gods (through #75) depending on how the spirit moved me as I was reading the names translated into English.

My intention in presenting these curated names of God for you here is not to be comprehensive but to be representative. Maybe names from Norse mythology or the energies of the Kabbalah will captivate you!

Names for God revered by different faiths including Hinduism, Judaism, Vodou, Wiccan, and more

These names are very powerful for some people and meaningless to others. Isn’t that fascinating? Perhaps they will evoke curiosity and open heartedness to others’ way of connecting to the mysteries of life and the beyond.

A hearty Thank You to all of these Gods that this message didn’t come through early on with these Heart Readings. It has been a bit challenging to be spirit-led each day since knowing this timeline “set” for me!

Yes, I am a bit verklempt and unsure about what I will do to harness my easily scattered energies. But I do trust that I will continue listening to my heart, singing and sharing offerings with the trees and water, and learning new ways to say “hi” (please see Day 91) and receive spirit each day.

Many blessings and peace to all our relations.

1 Grandmother

2 Grandfather

3 Mother Earth

4 Sky Woman

5 Great Spirit

6 Wakan Tanka

7 Kitchi Manito

8 Apistotoke

9 Inyan

10 Mondamin

11 Iktomi

12 Gluskap

13 Nesaru

14 Olelbis

15 Sedna

16 Shakura

17 Tirawa-Atius

18 Ioskeha

19 YHWY, Yahweh

20 El

21 Eloah

22 Elohim

23 Shaddai

24 Ehyeh

25 Tzevaot

26 Odin

27 Anubis

28 Thoth

29 Loki

30 Anansi

31 Horus

32 Zoroaster

33 Avalokitesvara

34 Vigneshwara

35 Hanuman

36 Muruga

37 SatyaNarayan

38 Rama

39 Ayyappa

40 Venkatesha

41 Lakshmi Narasimha

42 Viṣṇu

43 devī-kuṇḍalinī

44 prema-pradāyinī

45 śaṅkarī

46 Gaṅgā

47 gāyatrī

48 savitrī

49 Brahmā

50 Sarasvatī

51 Rudra

52 Durgā

53 bhuvaneśvarī

54 mātā-bhavanī

55 Śakti

56 Śiva

57 Śivā

58 Oṃ

59 Kālī Yuga

60 Vaḷḷī

61 Devānī

62 Parvatī

63 Rukmaṇī

64 Kṛṣṇa

65 Rukmaṇī

66 Skanda

67 Kumāra

68 Indra

69 Bhairava

70 kāśī

71 Paṭṭinī

72 pālinī

73 jananī

74 sarveśvarī

75 Śāradā

76 Hecate

77 Pan

78 Ein Sof

79 Keter

80 Hokhmah

81 Binah

82 Hesed

83 Din

84 Tif’eret

85 Nezah

86 Hod

87 Yesod

88 Shekhinah

89 Infinite One

90 Tao

91 Bondye

92 Oshun

93 Papa Legba

94 Maman Brigitte

95 Ogun

96 Baron Samedi

97 Erzulie

98 Damballah

99 Beloved Creator

100 Almighty Spirit

101 Yeshua

102 Jehova

103 Abba, Father

104 Lord, Adonai

105 Buddha, Dharma, Sangha

106 Jesus Christ

107 Allāh

108 God



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