Heart Reading … Day 16

  • Noticing the absence of monster machines and vehicle noise which allowed me to listen to a hawk calling repeatedly — and reflecting on the rarity of this experience as well as the sense that birds have a great deal to compensate for the constant thrum of “man-made” noise in order to be heard.
  • Trying to process extreme despair about my book — sold on Amazon without my compensation — and about companies like this one and others that strategically CHOOSE to have no or deplorable customer service despite having more than ample budgets.
  • Feeling deep gratitude for the conversation with my daughter who agreed to run an errand with me despite having a tight schedule this morning. I was able to share a very special “visit” by two great great grandmothers yesterday with her and connect my heart to my daughter’s in a way that felt alchemical and precious.
  • Hearing Truth spoken gracefully by indigenous presenters at a rally to protect land and water — and then feeling extreme embarrassment as the next presenter, a “powerful” legislator, pointed at one of these two indigenous presenters as if that was an acceptable thing to do.
  • Listening to a fellow activist tell me about the plight of the ancient sturgeon who are near extinction due to utility operations literally redirecting the natural flow of a river in order to make a penny per kilowatt hour — and telling her, “I am listening to your words with my heart and soul,” only to have her reply, “I know.”
  • Rushing to tend to the dogs (one of whom was up all night with diarrhea) and get a quick 10-minute rest (as I had also been up all night) — while noticing dozens of people’s schedules aligning like a flock of birds’ murmuration — before driving to where my daughter was going to receive a surprise marriage proposal and joining many others to celebrate the experience with her and her fiancee.



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Karen Willard Ribeiro

Karen Willard Ribeiro

Beyond Karen: emerging from the depths of an epic epithet is available at innerfortune.com and at your favorite independent bookseller. Thanks for reading.