Heart Reading … Day 20

Feeling frassy and not the least bit sassy.

How’s your heart?

This is what my partner and I would say to each other when there was something just a little off kilter, as a way of bringing our focus to what was important. And the thing, the really important thing about this question, is that it is really hard to ask it to yourself … and get an objective response. I’m not trying to deflect attention from my heart reading by asking how your heart is, though I do think if I were sitting next to you I would care to know.

What I try to do to make this worthy heart reading activity a bit more successful is to become aware of the heartbeat while reflecting on the joy that was experienced during the day. There is always joy.

Eating warm banana bread; hearing insects chirping; swinging on a swing in the park; making a sale (if you’re a salesperson — getting something on sale, perhaps, if you are not); enjoying a cup of coffee amongst strangers at a cafe; seeing a woodchuck up close; listening to my (or your) child sing. These were all joys in my day today. And I am smiling about them.

— a little bit of joy every day keeps the heart healthy and happy.

This is a true statement, and, it doesn’t reflect how my heart is today. My heart is sad, a bit deflated.

I have made a decent effort to end up on the positive side of the balance scale today but I am in conflict with two family members today and feel pretty frassy about it (a new word I learned for shitty — it’s caterpillar shit). I left one family member a little note and a gorgeous dewey leaf as a peace offering and didn’t hear from them. The other family member and I had a moment that feels like quicksand.



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Karen Willard Ribeiro

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