Heart Reading … Day 83

Karen Willard Ribeiro
2 min readOct 7, 2021


The Pursuit of Wellness VIII

This is day 8 of 10.

My heart has been hard to read as I have consumed news reports about Frances Haugen blowing the whistle to CNN and Congress about Facebook, her former employer, for statistically preying on girls and young women worldwide, alongside the protests — especially by female members of Congress — about the sick nationwide efforts by states to reverse women’s sovereign rights over their own bodies.

I am ONE-HUNDRED-PERCENT elated to see my sisters in the streets demanding attention be given to the insanity and utter wrongness of these things — of preying on women in the most aggressive, malicious, sneaky and manipulative ways imaginable.

I am ONE-HUNDRED-PERCENT proud of the courage that Frances Haugen, Rep. Pramila Jayapal, Rep. Cori Bush, and Rep. Barbara Lee have demonstrated in taking on these organized systems of female and feminine oppression.

And at the same time I am feeling the rage inside me that I have both unconsciously and actively suppressed for decades in order to coexist with it all…

Apparently Facebook statistically knows that — after a mere 300 likes or follows — it knows you BETTER than your partner knows you. (After reading this you might feel inclined to call your US Representative and Senator to encourage them to be mindful of women’s rights generally, and to specifically sponsor a bill to repeal aspects of the impunity which social media institutions have in “section 230” — U.S.C. § 230, a Provision of the Communication Decency Act).

This heart reading feels like plaque in my heart (I was inclined to describe it as the “big kahuna” because this boss-like energy is at the heart of so much suffering, but that word — like so very many authentically powerful things in their own right — has been stripped, denuded, minimized and diminished, usurped, and robbed of its essence). So, I have to do my best to sit with my heart, quietly, sweetly, full of gentle gratitude and listen … to her sadness.

… to the paradox of pain and perspective that give rise to moments like these.

… to faith in this emerging feminine strength — clearing away the rubble of wrongdoing and reweaving the societal fabric, the foundation of justice.

It is so faint in my heart, but faith is there.

So I ask and hope and pray that others are with me, that I am with you, in imagining people everywhere…

  • waking up each morning peacefully
  • connecting with their breathing and heart’s beating
  • allowing calm joy to flood their beings
  • trusting ourselves to be good and graceful — with and for all beings

This is my wish for the pursuit of wellness.



Karen Willard Ribeiro

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