Heart Reading … Day 98

Karen Willard Ribeiro
2 min readOct 22, 2021


The Journey of the Heart

There are a few heart readings (like Day 69 and Day 96) where I’ve communicated from more of a head space than a heart space. Part of me (probably my head) wants to say these readings are “more real” or realistic than others. But I am reading my heart right now as I write and am hearing that this is not true.

The heart is the vessel for transformation and maintenance of peace and wellness in our being. Feelings like fear, anger, and sadness course through us — in our blood — but do not originate in the heart. An emotion like jealousy, which is a unique blend of fear, anger, and sadness, can raise the blood’s pressure and make the heart work overtime, but it is not a heart issue — it is a head issue.

The battles we wage are all in the space between the head and the heart. If we prioritize the grace and gentleness of the heart we can alleviate much of our suffering — until we’re in a HALT (or LATCH — see Day 46) state and need supports.

Maybe we get angry with others who are more able to be in their hearts than us.

I believe this is at the “heart” or root of the abuse levied and leveled on so many innocent people. I believe our Indigenous sisters and brothers have always known how to prioritize the heart over the mind — which is always in a state of processing incomplete data sets of stimuli and processing incomplete perceptions about interpersonal dynamics.

So the heart, that steady drumbeat of life, is to be trusted over the head.

I believe our LGBTQ sisters and brothers are also actively showing the way to liberate the heart; to cour-ageously allow the heart to lead one’s life. And I believe the graceful ways these brothers and sisters access and follow Truth is what has so long been attacked by the jealous rage of those who feel unable, impotent, in hearing their hearts.

The heart is not a flaccid muscle — it may need attention, but it is speaking, always waiting for us to listen.

These heart readings are a gift — an offering and an expression of art from my heart … because I need to learn how to hear my heart. I need to heal and “unpack” decades of my ignorance as well as generations of abusing innocent people.

Will you join me in this journey back to the heart?



Karen Willard Ribeiro

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